Help with the Media Library

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This page has links to a number of training videos and PDFs for the university's Video Streaming Service (Media Library), including:

  • ClickView (TV and Radio recording),   
  • MEDIALecture (screen recording)
  • Camtasia Relay (screen recording),    
  • Viper (VC Recordings),    
  • tips for creating videos and    
  • minutes of User Group meetings for the Media Library.  

The Media Library used to be called Helix but the vendor changed their name to Medial; you may still hear it being referred to as Helix.


Media Library


Media Library Features

  • Store for audio and video files   (Please note the original uploaded file is not retained.  Each user should retain the original clip)
  • Streaming capability ensures that viewers of video see the version of the clip that is most suited to playback on their device whether mobile, tablet or computer
  • Student and staff access
  • Personal (private) space
  • Integrated Blackboard mashup
  • Integrated video assignments within Blackboard
  • Private space for teaching teams
  • Private space for teaching team and students
  • Public space for open videos
  • Sharing of clips possible for embedding in web pages such as Mahara


Global playlists are available to everyone who logs onto the Media Library.   Private playlists can be viewed by the creator of the playlist and anyone who gets a link to the playlist.

Medial and Blackboard


Placing Video in a Blackboard Module

Video Assignments in Blackboard

BB Assignments taking Multiple Clips

Medial and Mahara and other websites


Placing Video from the Media Library onto a Mahara Page