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This page has links to a number of training videos and PDFs for the university's Video Streaming Service (Media Library), including:

  • ClickView (TV and Radio recording),   
  • MEDIALecture (screen recordiing)
  • Camtasia Relay (screen recording),    
  • Viper (VC Recordings),    
  • tips for creating videos and    
  • minutes of User Group meetings for the Media Library.  

The Media Library used to be called Helix but the vendor changed their name to Medial; you may still hear it being referred to as Helix.


Media Library


Media Library Features

  • Store for audio and video files   (Please note the original uploaded file is not retained.  Each user should retain the original clip)
  • Streaming capability ensures that viewers of video see the version of the clip that is most suited to playback on their device whether mobile, tablet or computer
  • Student and staff access
  • Personal (private) space
  • Integrated Blackboard mashup
  • Integrated video assignments within Blackboard
  • Private space for teaching teams
  • Private space for teaching team and students
  • Public space for open videos
  • Sharing of clips possible for embedding in web pages such as Mahara

Medial and Blackboard


Placing Video in a Blackboard Module

Video Assignments in Blackboard

BB Assignments taking Multiple Clips

Medial and Mahara and other websites


Placing Video from the Media Library onto a Mahara Page