The standards comprise three documents: 1. UHI blended learning standards checklist, 2. UHI IT essentials and 3. Accessibility checklist.

UHI Blended Learning Standards Checklist

This document provides guidance on the basic standards of an effective blend that:

  1. enhances the student experience and
  2. promotes UHI’s graduate attributes (active, responsive and adaptive, reflective, confident and rigorous).

The focus is on student-centred learning and the roles of both the student and the lecturer/tutor. The document includes detailed guidance and covers the following pedagogical principles:

  • General (delivery mode and content)
  • Communicate expectations (induction and in the module)
  • Encouraging active learning (creating the blend and activities)
  • Communication and collaboration (preparation and during delivery)
  • Assessment and feedback (setting appropriate assessment and providing support)
  • Keeping students on track (processes)
  • Framework (logical design)
  • Legal and academic issues (relevant legislation and referencing)


Individual blends will be tailored to specific learning outcomes and student needs as well as subject matter and situation.