There are PDFs and Youtube videos on this page which might help you get started with Mahara.


Please note that staff require staff accounts in order to create course groups. If you believe you do not have a staff account, please contact Servicedesk.
Creating Groups

Some staff prefer to give students free rein whereas others find templates very useful in guiding students as to what is required in a portfolio.
Creating Templates

Although the site is backed up by our Mahara host, we have been advised that it is not possible to restore single pages therefore backup of portfolios is essential.
Backing Up a Portfolio

If audio or video files have been uploaded to a Personal category in the Media Library, it is necessary to give access to a clip prior to placing on a Mahara page. Thereafter Mahara access rights take precedence, ie whoever is given access to view the page can view the video.
Integrating with the Media Library

There are a couple of options in relation to placing feedback on a student's page.
Placing Feedback

This document covers group forums, how to reply to notifications and how to manage email notifications from Mahara.


Help for Students

There are 4 pages of help for students, in the form of brief PDFs, and organised according to the main Mahara menus.



The videos below will open in a new window. You can use the button on the right of the toolbar to view in full screen mode.

This video outlines how to publish a blog or journal using Mahara. This video demonstrates how to use tags to seach for images or journal entries, etc. This video looks at ways of backing up a blog.

This video outlines the process of submitting an ePortfolio to a course group for assessment  This video outlines the process of creating a CV, displaying it on a page and giving access to the page.  


Assembling a Virtual Art Exhibition in Mahara

The three videos below were assembled to give some ideas for using Mahara as a Virtual Exhibition tool.  The first video is a general introduction to Mahara and is almost 15 minutes long so you may want to skip that one if you've been using Mahara already.

This video gives a general overview of Mahara. This video deals with zipping and uploading files to Mahara and placing images on pages. This video shows how a tutor might create a 'portal' page within a group to bring students' pages together.


Videos for ePortfolio Pilot 2012

This video was initially produced for students on the ePortfolio pilot which was conducted in 2012. This video was intended for students on the ePortfolio pilot groups (Individual Achievement Map) who were required to download exercise and template files from Mahara, edit them and upload for sharing with tutors.