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Stornoway: Exceptionally mild winter so far and driest for 6 years


Based on long-term Met Office records for Stornoway (which digitally stretch back to 1873, one of the longest such series in Scotland), the winter of 2016-2017 so far in Stornoway is the 2nd mildest (out of 144 years), 21st driest (out of 144 years) and 48th sunniest (out of 88 years), according to the latest data from @eddy_weather.

Let's look at the data with the aid of a few charts. Firstly,  air temperature: Up to the end of January 2017, the current winter's mean air temperature of +6.9C has only be exceeded once before, in 1989:


Next, precipitation (rainfall & snowfall): We are having a dry winter, the driest in 6 years (since 2011) and the 21st driest in the whole 144-year record (so about a 1:6 or 1:7 year event):


And finally, days with air frost: There have been only 3 air frosts this December and January, which is the joint 10th lowest total since 1873. Overall, there's been a decrease of about 25% in the number of days of air frost since 1873 for these months (see trend line).


@eddy_weather, Stornoway, 5 February 2017.