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'Fairytale' Highlands: The view from 12,000 feet

Flying from Edinburgh to Stornoway recently, I captured the following stunning views of the Highlands. Fog and low cloud filled into the glens like a rising and invading ocean, but the Munro peaks remained glorious and resplendent in the sunshine, just like Greenland nunataks. Here I have identified some of the mountain summits:


1) Looking south across Rannoch Moor


2) North-west across The Trossachs to Ben Lui and Ben Cruachan (near Oban).


3) The Nevis Range and the Great Glen.


4) Now looking eastwards (from the other side of the aeroplane): Fog winds its way through the Pass of Drumochter


5) The Fara and Dalwhinnie (the bow waves indicate the fog is flowing upwards from the south, and perhaps is sloshing in seiche fashion e.g. and


6) A Broken Spectre 'Glory' from the fog top indicates that the fog droplets were 'old', with a variation in size of more than 20%.


7) And finally, out of the clouds: Carn Eighe / Sgurr na Lapich with a rather thin snow cover for the time of year.

A radiosounding taken at Abermarle, Northumberland (which was also lying under the fog layer) at 12z on this day shows a strong temperature and humidity inversion at 700-800m. The air temperature was -1.1degC at 766m with 99% relative humidity, whereas at 1050m it was a shocking +8.2degC but with a relative humidity of only 30%.


@eddy_weather, Stornoway, Scotland, 24 January 2017