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First snow of the winter in Stornoway

After the record mild December, at times it felt like it was never going to come... but finally the first snow of the winter is lying across Stornoway tonight - especially on the town's hilly Golf course, where snow enthusiasts (young and old) were out doing some night-time sledging this evening...

2017-01-12 19.13.19.jpg

A few facts on the current cold snap:

  • #thundersnow was recorded in Stornoway three times in the past 36 hours: 5h30 and 16h30 Wednesday, and 8h50 Thursday
  • About 3-5cm of snow is currently lying on undisturbed ground, with deeper drifts in places (due to the strong wind)
  • The air temperature has been ABOVE zero throughout the event (typically +1.5degC), but due to a lowering dewpoint, the snow began to lie properly from midday Thursday due to the ice-bulb effect (yesterday the high winds meant the latent heat transfer was too large and prevented settling of the snow)
  • Most of the snow is actually graupel - soft rimed hailstones!

@eddy_weather, Stornoway, 12 Jan 2017