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Warmest December Fortnight on Record in Stornoway

The past fortnight (5th-18th December 2016) has been the warmest fortnight on record in December in Stornoway, confirms @eddy_weather. Digitised meteorological records in the town go back to 1873, one of the longest such series in Scotland. The mean daily high temperature has been +11.9C, and mean daily average has been +8.9C.

This statistic will be easier to understand when presented in the following graph. The last time it was nearly so mild in December was in 1971 (with a mean daily high of +10.9C and mean daily average of +8.4C in the two weeks up to 20th December), but it has never been as mild as present at any time in recorded history.

December warmth

This news exposes the absurd "post-truth" forecasts of last month (e.g. "Four months of Snow Ahead") in the true light and fact of day.

@eddy_weather, Stornoway, 18 Dec 2016

Eddy's Outlook for Christmas week: Very stormy with frequent severe gales, torrential rain and hail squalls - with snow likely over the winter solstice (Wed night 21st/ Thurs 22nd Dec) - but it will be the most unpleasant type of snow (dull, raw and wet rather than deep, crisp and even!). Possibly even stormier for Christmas Eve and Day, watch out!